Dental Marketing Case Study: Dr. Leavitt Red Rock Periodontics (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Dr. Curry Leavitt is a periodontist in the Las Vegas, NV area. Before partnering with Progressive Dental Marketing, he did not market his practice and was solely dependent on referrals. With no resources to bring awareness of his practice to the general public, he had minimal website traffic and no web presence on Google. He did not have any tracking or analytics process.


  1. Increase website traffic through digital marketing.
  2. Create awareness of alternate tooth replacement options.
  3. Increase Doctor referrals and patient flow.
  4. Brand Dr. Leavitt as the dental implant expert in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  1. Build a custom website to serve as the foundation of marketing efforts.
  2. Create an SEO strategy to become the leader in the market for full-arch cases.
  3. Convert high-dollar procedures like dental implants, implant supported dentures and laser dentistry.
  4. Brand Dr. Leavitt as the dental implant expert in his area.
  5. Create awareness of alternative tooth replacement options.
  6. Saturate the market with social media content.
  7. Create custom press releases to position him as an authority in the area.
  8. Apply PPC/AdWords campaigns to capture prospects from all media campaigns.


  1. Website.
  2. Search Engine Optimization.
  3. PPC.
  4. Social Media.
  5. HP3.

Custom Website

We created a custom website to serve as the foundation of all marketing efforts. Using video integration, video blogs allow Dr. Leavitt to speak about treatments and educate patients before they come into the office. Patient-experience videos give patients a glimpse of the results they can experience at this practice.

Search Engine Optimization

Dr. Leavitt’s website visitors have consistently increased since he began with Progressive Dental Marketing. With SEO, his site ranks on the first page of Google for "TeethXpress," "implant supported dentures," and "periodontist." Moving forward, opportunities exist for market leadership in full-arch cases. With this initiative, his practice will continue to be branded as the place for dental implants and full arch in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas.

Google Adwords

There are hundreds of monthly searches for "dental implants" and "implant supported dentures" in the Las Vegas area. Our strategy allowed us, and continually allows us, to target highly relevant keywords and ad copy so we see higher performance with a lower cost per click (CPC).

Social Media

Using Facebook, we bring awareness to Dr. Leavitt's followers and the local area about procedures and treatments they may not have known were options. With organic postings, we inform followers of the procedures he offers as well as his practice’s unique culture. This allows existing and potential patients to get a feel for who they are and the atmosphere of his practice. View results to see examples of boosted posts that allowed us to increase the visibility and reach to the local area and help promote the high level of care associated with Dr. Leavitt’s practice.

Hp3 Mentoring


  • Dr. Leavitt was not doing any marketing and was frequently meeting with general dentists to gain referrals.
  • Goals were not being tracked and there was not a standardized system for scheduling patients or for treatment presentation.


  • Increased doctor referrals and patient flow.
  • Implemented block scheduling.
  • Standardized treatment planning and presentation to increase acceptance rate.


  • Increased website traffic by 100%.
  • Increased phone traffic by 600%.
  • The practice went from no web presence to page one on Google.
  • Increased social media presence by 25%.
  • Press releases positioned Dr. Leavitt as the leading authority in his market, resulting in major local media coverage.
  • Increased case acceptance and standardization of treatment presentation.
  • Increased production to justify the purchase of a second location.
  • Implemented accurate tracking and analytics program to ensure a positive ROI.


Dr. Leavitt has not relied as heavily on doctor referrals since partnering with Progressive Dental Marketing. He now spends his spare time doing what he loves instead of competing with other periodontists by networking for referrals. He helps over 80 new patients on monthly basis and is now able to cross referral those patients to the doctor of his choice. In a medium market, we were able to create awareness to a different option to replace missing teeth and brand the doctor as the authority figure for dental implants and full arch cases.