Dental SEO Case Study: Dr. Patrick Crawford’s (Kenosha, Wisconsin)

On January 1st, 2013, Dr. Pat Crawford hired a more competent, cutting edge digital marketing agency that focuses on results. You can guess who that was. Here’s what we did to generate him a minimum 500% monthly ROI on his marketing budget.

Functional Medicine Marketing Case Study (Dr. Brighten, Portland, Oregon)

Dr. Brighten had hundreds of pages of quality, insightful, informative content. Through optimizing her blogs with focused keywords, restructuring with proper headings, applying metadata and further SE0 wizardry her site indexed 10,000 new keywords in just 4 months! Her site had the potential, it just needed the direction.

Top 10 Dentist Websites in Los Angeles

Dental Marketing Case Study: Dr. Leavitt Red Rock Periodontics (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Increased website traffic by 100%. Increased phone traffic by 600%. The practice went from no web presence to page one on Google. Increased social media presence by 25%. Press releases positioned Dr. Leavitt as the leading authority in his market, resulting in major local media coverage. Increased case acceptance and standardization of treatment presentation. Increased production to justify the purchase of a second location. Implemented accurate tracking and analytics program to ensure a positive ROI.

Dental SEO Case Study: Dr. Sara Bukhari (Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry, Phoenix, Arizona)

Kids Klub Pediatric Dentistry is the pediatric dental practice owned by Dr. Sara Bukhari. Her thriving practice is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is a competitive city for pediatric dental practices. Sara came to us in April of 2016 because she wanted her new website to rank in the search engines.

Functional Medicine Marketing Case Study (Dr. Kate Kass, Seattle, Washington)

Logic Inbound heightened the number of clicks and new patient inquiries that Dr. Kate Kass received. By targeting specific keywords and focusing on growth opportunities, Logic Inbound optimized her website successfully. Dr. Kate Kass was able to start her own independent functional medicine clinic as a result of the work of Logic Inbound. She relocated to an office space of her very own, complete with a full staff to accommodate her growing roster of patients. She opened her new office in Bellevue as of December 2017 and business continues to thrive to this day. An online presence and traffic directed to her website by search engines elevated her business to a position of success.

Dental SEO Case Study: Midtown Dental (Sacramento, California)

By designing Midtown Dental’s Digital Marketing Strategy around a new Website Design that focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Capitol Tech Solutions doubled their internet traffic in 8 months, generating over 30 new patient referrals a month.

SEO for Affinity Health Clinic (Acupuncture & Naturopathic Doctors, New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada) Case Study

Affinity Health Clinic is now in the top rankings, for ten high search frequency keywords. Digital Shift also used additional keyword variations (singular and plural), as well as different phrase combinations (alternating location and service position) and top rankings were still achieved.

SEO for Innovative Women’s Clinic (Weight Loss Clinic, Seattle, Washington) Case Study

Innovative Men’s Clinic was so satisfied with their previous results that they asked Logic Inbound to apply SEO tactics to the new Innovative Women’s Clinic. In only six months and through SEO tactics alone, Logic Inbound grew Innovative Women’s Clinic from zero traffic into a highly profitable new vertical with six to ten new appointments per week. This demonstrates the raw power of SEO for increasing profits in the health clinic business.

SEO for Dr. Cafaro Balance Hormone Center (Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctors, Gilbert, Arizona) Case Study

Looking at our year over year results, we’ve seen the following year over year increases in organic lead conversions. 4th Quarter 2015 vs. 2016: 915% Increase in Lead Conversions. 2nd Quarter 2016 vs. 2017: 223% Increase in Lead Conversions.


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