Mesa Dental came to us after going through multiple SEO companies for dental marketing with no results to show. Initially we couldn’t find them anywhere on Google unless we searched for the practice name. Our initial analysis found the following:

  • High number of backlinks, most low quality and potentially spam
  • Very few citations and inconsistent NAP
  • Low quality and thin content
  • Missing meta descriptions and image alt text
  • Poor internal link structure

We suspected the high quantity / low quality links might be the root cause of the issue with their rankings, but there were no manual penalties from Google to confirm this. Since the site was not built on a CMS like WordPress, we decided to start by rebuilding the site on WordPress, optimizing the homepage content and using Google’s disavow tool to mitigate the effects of the low quality links. After 3 to 4 months of on-page optimizations, we saw minimal improvement in rankings and met with the doctors to re-evaluate the situation.


After evaluating the current status of the site and all options on the table, we decided to start from scratch with a new domain instead of pursuing the time consuming task of removing each bad link one by one.

After moving to the new domain, we continued to optimize content, build citations, and redirect any valuable links we could from the old domain. After 12 months of work on this new domain, we’ve seen impressive results with 26 keywords on the first page, and 15 of those in the top three. In addition, most of the top 3 ranking keywords are the highest traffic keywords for dentists in San Diego.

"I am very pleased with the services of Simple Logic Studio. I would refer them to anyone and everyone! Adam and Alan are very professional and friendly people. They took on a difficult project of changing a defective website and its associated SEO, and turned it around. They created a new website and gave our business a fresh new look. They devoted themselves in making sure that everything ran as efficient and as smoothly as possible. Their devotion to the project surpassed what they had promised us. We are excited about our new website and can't wait to utilize the benefits of our new SEO."

Dr. Qadeer, Owner / Mesa Dental


Below is a graph showing steady month over month organic traffic growth on all search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

To improve conversions we recently redesigned Mesa Dental’s website to give a more personal feel. In a highly competitive and often saturated market you must differentiate yourself and connect with your patients on a personal level.

Below is a list of keywords Mesa Dental is ranked on the 1st page of Google for including the number of monthly searches for each term and what the cost would be to buy that traffic in Adwords.

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