• Averaged 7.1 new patients / month 
  • 230% increase in new patient opportunities
  • 22% increase in organic traffic (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • 25% increase in average time on site


Maximizing New Patients and Profit

All leads are not equal. And all dentists are not alike. 

Generally speaking, most dentists offer a variety of general, cosmetic, and specialty dentistry services. General dentistry services are great to bring in new patients, but high-profit specialty services are even better.

Blodgett Dental Care wanted both. He was looking new patients to fill his expanding office and make sure his newly hired dental assistants stayed busy. Plus he wanted to emphasize specialty services to fuel his practice’s growth.

Dr. Kelly Blodgett is not like other dentists. His approach is preventive and holistic. He prefers to treat patients who care about their whole body health-- not just the state of their teeth. Portland is a prime market for this method of thinking and unique dental practice.


Driving Targeted Traffic to the Website

Through a combination of brand positioning on a newly redesigned website, visibility in the search engines, and added advertising targeting in outlining areas, DelMain Analytics was able to double new patient visits.

Step 1: Defining the Target Audience

Our research indicates that, when it comes to general and cosmetic dentistry, patients are typically willing to travel no more than 10 miles to see their dentist. However, patients interested in high-end specialty procedures are willing to drive up to 3 hours.

Affluent Portlanders lead active lifestyles and care about what they put into their bodies. They take more of a proactive, rather than reactive approach to dentistry. They want a dentist as progressive, creative, and innovative as they are.

Step 2: Connecting the Patient with the Brand

Armed with a well-defined audience in mind, we refreshed Dr. Blodgett’s website. The site now offers visitors a more personalized experience, more intuitive interface, and easier access to information about Dr. Blodgett’s dental services. In addition, we highlighted higher-end procedures and focused on helping visitors understand and identify with the unique aspects of Dr. Blodgett’s dental practice.

Step 3: Driving Prospective Patient Traffic to the Website

Sure, we could have optimized Dr. Blodgett’s website for all the keywords and phrases his competitors were bidding on, “dentist Portland” for example.

But Dr. Blodgett isn’t just another dentist practicing in Portland, Oregon. Following the lead of other dentists wasn’t going to be an effective strategy to meet Dr. Blodgett’s goals. Instead, we focused on ranking for searches like “holistic dentist” and “biological dentistry.”

These searches come from an affluent audience that is closely aligned with Dr. Blodgett’s philosophies. Coupled with a website designed to appeal to this audience and their needs, we were confident in our ability to convert website traffic into new patients.

Step 4: Leveraging Advertising to Expand Specialty Services

From Seattle to Eugene, the Oregon coast to the Tri-Cities, we knew patients were willing to travel great distances for dental procedures costing upwards of $20,000. We maximized our visibility in these areas through targeted Google AdWords campaigns for searches like “LANAP” and “laser gum surgery.” 

This aggressive approach allowed us to maximize our potential for success. Bringing in one or two new patients would produce a campaign ROI of nearly 30,000%.


"I started working with DelMain Analytics just over one year ago. The success that they have helped me achieve through effective digital marketing has been awesome! The number of new patients that my practice now receives is more than double what it was last year. When I ask people, "How did you find us?" they almost always say, "I found you searching for a great dentist online". That is the result of effective strategy! Dan and his team are committed professionals. They bring a high level of personal excellence to what they do and they continue to "sharpen their own swords" so that their business continues to offer new and innovative strategies that keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of the digital world. I highly recommend working with DelMain analytics. They simply do great work!"

-Dr. Kelly Blodgett, Owner

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