Onsite SEO, keyword research, content optimization, image optimization.

Time Frame

May 2014 – March 2015

Company Background

Reseda CA cosmetic dentistry practice.

Challenge & SEO Strategy

When starting work with this client one of the first red flags we noticed was that all the practice services were grouped onto one main service page in bullet point format. This type of practice is common for local businesses but can be detrimental for long term SEO. We immediately had the services broken out onto their own pages. We then started with keyword research. It was important to understand how people actually search online for the services this practice offered. We then started filtering the keywords out through the relevant pages to ensure all internal pages were 100% search engine friendly. So a page that discussed tooth replacement was greeted with tooth replacement keywords along with similar variations to give at as many opportunities as possible to pull in traffic.

Once the on page elements were addressed we moved right into a local SEO strategy to help build up their inbound linking profile. We built new local citations, claim existing ones and updated all information, wrote press releases, conducted a blog writing campaign and wrote high quality articles.

Some quick points we were up against from the start:

  • Service page layout incorrect
  • No inbound links
  • No individual page meta data
  • Low keyword usage in copy
  • No image optimization
  • Unclaimed local citations with wrong information

Prior to SEO

Here are some quick SEO milestones the site has already accomplished:

  • Position #1 in Google: 0
  • Page #1 in Google: 0 keywords
  • In top 50:  0 keywords

After Onsite SEO

Here are some SEO accomplished from conducting an SEO campaign.

  • Position #1 in Google: 1
  • Page #1 in Google: 17 keywords
  • In top 50: 29 keywords
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