Our Client is the Consulting Podiatrist for the New York Knicks Basketball Team and the Consulting Podiatrist for the New York Rangers Hockey Team in New York City. Dr. Rosenzweig, DPM, PC started a multi-office Podiatry / Foot Surgeon with Podiatry services in two locations, two separate states:  Rye Brook, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut.  Dr. Rosenzweig was referred to NewYorkSEO, LLC by a celebrity client of NewYorkSEO in 2006.


When Dr. Rosenzweig contacted NewYorkSEO, LLC he was in need of a new website, internet marketing strategies, local search, search engine optimization, copy writing, copy optimization, video optimization, and reputation management in two locations but only wanted one website.  His ultimate goal, like all our clients, was to beat his competition in his specific field of Podiatry, have a uniquely designed website, and dominate Google and all search engine for his keywords and keyword phrases via organic search engine optimization. The client had a very specific budget that we had to work with. The client did not want to spend money on PPC or print advertising.  Dr. Rand did not have an in-house marketing team.


NewYorkSEO never met the client in person and all contact was made via telephone. After many consulting sessions with the client, the client elected for NewYorkSEO to write all Internet website copy and provide him with our educated analysis of the highest keywords and keyword phrases to search engine optimize. Client provided NewYorkSEO with his desired color scheme and services offered and engaged NewYorkSEO in a plethora of conversations to educate us on his surgical techniques.  NewYorkSEO provided the client with various website deigns and ultimately the client selected the one he preferred.  NewYorkSEO recommended website domain URLS and the client selected one and the client also selected NewYorkSEO to host his domain www.footdoctorcenters.com  and manage his website – become his webmaster.

Step 1 – Identity Problems & Opportunities: An SEO Audit was conducted to identify target market keywords, opportunities for coding multi-city  optimization, crawling and indexing issues for the website as well as content that would meet the needs of patients searching for the specific types of medical services that the Podiatrist offered. NewYorkSEO wrote all copy and coded every page of clients’ website for keyword density and for bi-location organic SEO. Client approved all of NewYorkSEO’s copy. NewYorkSEO also immediately engaged in an aggressive Reputation Management campaign with multi-business listings and business citations, developed video (video SEO) for two locations. We found robust opportunities in crating in-bound links to assist our organic search engine optimization efforts for multi-city / state coding. We faced problems with business citations due to the multi-location necessary for organic SEO. We overcame the problem with white hat tactics.

Step 2 – Improve Optimization & Implement Best Practices: NewYorkSEO used only white hat tactics and developed an appropriate website architecture and coded each page for Dr. Rosenzweig’s keyword phrases to appear organically in search engines. We employed best practices for name conventions within the subpages, and other proprietary organic search engine optimization methods. We asked Dr. Rosenzweig to create eForms and onsite forms so we could learn how his patients were finding him. The results of data collection assisted NewYorkSEO in organic SEO coding – we found patients from Rye Brook were surfing the web much differently than his Connecticut patients. We coded for organic SEO accordingly. We found video optimization to be an excellent inbound link source and found local SEO optimization was tremendously effective.


NewYorkSEO exceeded clients expectations:

  • Dr. Rosenzweig is #1 every single keyword phrase on all search engines: Google, Local, Bing.
  • Dr. Rosenzweig launched on the fist page of all search engines within one week after the website was built.
  • Dr. Rosenzweig has had 1st page organic SEO ranking for all keywords and keyword phrases since 2006.
  • Oftentimes (9/10) Dr. Rosenzweig takes up more than 7 out of 10 slots on the first page of all search engines for his keywords due to an ongoing aggressive reputation management campaign.
  • The number of Top SEO ranking improved by 100%.
  • Dr. Rosenzweig dominates local search in Rye Brook, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut.
  • NewYorkSEO was able to position Dr. Rosenzweig’s services above all his competition.
  • Dr. Rosenzweig has a flawless online reputation.
  • Client spends no money on advertising, PPC, or print ads and generates the majority of his clientele through NewYorkSEO’s search engine optimization and Internet marketing techniques.
  • Dr. Rosenzweig’s videos (via video optimization) appear on the 1st page of search engines for ROI driven keywords.
  • Client is 100% satisfied.

Dr.  Rosenzweig has continued to employ NewYorkSEO’s services since 2006 and has become the market-leader in his space throughout New York and Connecticut.

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