Laser Tattoo Removal Center Dr. Jeffrey L. Rand, a Board Certified Dermatologist and Board Certified Internist is a nationally recognized Laser Tattoo Removal Expert. Dr. Rand started his operations in Florida and relocated to New York City.  Dr. Rand was referred to NewYorkSEO by a client of NewYorkSEO in 2008 to launch his NYC practice.


When Dr. Rand initially contacted the firm of NewYorkSEO and indicated that he was in need of a new website, local search, search engine optimization, and reputation management in the most competitive city in the world for tattoo removal: New York City. When SEO coding for New York City clients, the naming conventions are more difficult than other cities in the world, and so is the organic search engine optimization coding – NewYorkSEO would have to consider “New York City”, “NYC”, “Manhattan” and “Midtown Manhattan” as part of our search engine optimization strategy. Additionally, Dr. Rand wanted NewYorkSEO to draw clients from NYC’s surrounding Burroughs including The Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, and Queens. Dr. Rand was hesitant that NewYorkSEO could get him first page rank in the competitive landscape of NYC but due to Dr. Rand’s referral – a  long-time client of NewYorkSEO – Dr. Rand signed with NewYorkSEO with confidence. We learned that New York City is the home of thousands of established tattoo removal websites that we would have to “beat” to get Dr. Rand 1st page organic Google (and other search engine) SEO ranking. The online competitive landscape for his keywords (after substantial due diligence on NewYorkSEO’s part) was close to one million websites per keyword / keyword phrase. Dr. Rand was an educated internet marketing savvy client and he had very specific questions and lofty goals to be achieved. His ultimate goal was to beat his competition organically and had no interest in PPC Search, have a thoughtfully designed website, and dominate Google.  Dr. Rand did not have an in-house marketing team.


After many consulting sessions with the client we mutually decided that the fastest and least expensive way to achieve his goals was for Dr. Rand to write initial copy for his website copy and deliver the copy to NewYorkSEO, LLC to optimize the content. Our firm made very specific copy changes to the the copy and only posted after Dr. Rand’s approval. NewYorkSEO provided the client with various website deigns and ultimately the client selected the one he preferred. He was happy with the website design and the copy, but NewYorkSEO had to make search engine optimization happen. NewYorkSEO recommended website domain URLS and the client selected one and the client also selected NewYorkSEO to host his domain and manage his website – become his webmaster.

Step 1 – Identity Problems & Opportunities: NewYorkSEO provided findings of competitive keyword research and benchmarking to the client and explained which terms would yield the highest ROI – serious website visitors who would most likely purchase his laser tattoo removal services through New York City and surrounding boroughs. The client selected 197 keyword phrases for NewYorkSEO to search engine optimize. The main problem we had to overcome was that his competition had been on the Internet much longer and was already established – especially with business citations.

Step 2 – Improve Optimization & Implement Best Practices: Our company used only white hat tactics and developed an appropriate website architecture and coded each page via proven organic search methods for Dr. Rand’s keyword phrases to appear organically in search engines. We employed best practices for naming conventions within the subpages, and other proprietary organic search engine optimization methods. We had to implement business citation SEO aggressively with a specific intent of long-term Reputation Management in-mind.


The client was (and still is) blown-away with the organic search engine optimization results.

  • Dr. Rand is #1 across the board for 163 keyword phrases on all search engines: Google, Local, Bing
  • Dr. Rand launched on the fist page of all search engines within two days after the website was built – he has had 1st page ranking on all search engines since 2008.
  • Dr. Rand is #2-#4 across the board on all search engines for the remaining 34 keyword phrases.
  • The number of Top SEO ranking improved by 100%.
  • Dr. Rand dominates local search for NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Long Island.
  • NewYorkSEO was able to position Dr. Rand’s services above all his competition.
  • Dr. Rand has a flawless online reputation.
  • Dr. Rand’s video appear on the 1st page of Search Engines for his selected ROI driven keywords.
  • Client has multiple rankings on the first page of all search engines via organic search, local, video optimization, and reputation management.
  • Client spends no money on advertising, PPC, or print ads and generates the majority of his clientele  through NewYorkSEO’s search engine optimization and Internet marketing techniques.
  • Client is 100% satisfied.

Dr. Rand has continued to employ NewYorkSEO’s services since 2008 and has become the market-leader in his space throughout New York City. Dr. Rand enjoys #1 ranking on Google, BING, Yahoo, etc. for such keyword phrases “laser tattoo removal NYC”, “tattoo removal NYC”, “tattoo removal Bronx”, “laser tattoo removal Manhattan” and is #1 across the board on Local Search.

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